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Leading Plastic Pallets Manufacturers in Delhi

Are you operating any form of business and are facing the greatest challenge in optimizing efficiency in your supply chain freight? Is your ability to transport goods from point “A” to “B” at an affordable cost is failing miserably? Then, plastic pallets offered by plastic pallets manufacturers in Delhi is the answer to your problem.

Plastic Pallets Manufacturers in Delhi -

Plastic pallet has advantages that make it a perfect accessory for any kind of supply chain management business. Generally, plastic pallets are -

     1.  Environmentally friendly
     2.  Lightweight
     3.  Known for saving space 
     4.  Highly durable with long service life
     5.  Safe to handle
     6.  Hygienic and easy to clean
     7.  A perfect branding tool
     8.  Dimension-ally stable
     9.  Resistant to extreme weather environmental changes
     10.  Known for their attractive design and looks
     11.  Easy to handle and access with a forklift
     12.  Available in many colors and design options 

Why choose Cromaplast’s plastic pallets -

At, Cromaplast we Pride ourselves in being recognized as the top plastic pallets manufacturers in Delhi. We make sure that we cater to the diverse needs of our customers. We are here to listen to the needs of our customers and offering the most cutting edge plastic pallets in the market so that the needs and requirements are satisfied. 
Our plastic pallets are made from prime grade polyethylene material and are known for their longer life, supreme quality, and performance. We also make sure that all industry quality standards are maintained. These plastic pallets are manufactured with steel reinforcement technology making these plastic pallets highly acknowledged for durability, high performance, and zero maintenance cost. 

One-piece molding structure, non-weather ability, high load-bearing capacity, the durability of our plastic pallets have made our pallets very popular in the various industries around the globe. We have a carved niche as one of the best plastic pallets manufacturers in Delhi.

    • OD : 400x325x250mm
    • Weight : 1.1 Kg
    • ID : 365x290x245mm
    • Capacity : 25 Liters
    • OD : 600x400x320mm
    • Weight : 2.3 Kg
    • ID : 565x365x315mm
    • Capacity : 65 Liters