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Leading Milk Pouch Crates Manufacturers in Delhi

Are you scrolling down the internet to find the most versatile milk pouch crates? Then Cromaplast is your one-stop-shop. Plastic milk crates offered by Milk Crates Manufacturers in Delhi, India are extremely versatile, and are known to offer a wide range of uses in both - commercial and industrial - dairy trade business.

Top Ways of Using The Milk Crates - 

From simple storage to transport and mobility, you can always count on milk crates from Milk Crates Manufacturers in Delhi, India to get the job done. 

Let’s go over the top three ways to use plastic milk crates to increase the efficiency of your business -

  • For Internal Transportation - Whether you have a dairy local supermarket or you are simply a trade supplier, plastic milk crates are the most functional option available for transporting the milk pouches and cans from one place to another. Straight from the back of the truck to the store shelves, the plastic milk crates can easily keep the milk stock safe and secure.
  • For Safe and Secure Storage - Generally, people using the cardboard boxes are easily able to transport the stock safely and efficiently, but when it comes to securely store the products, they end up losing half of their stock to spillage and damages. The sturdy and space-saving plastic crates are made to store the products efficiently and can easily be stacked one over the other.
  • Transportation via Vehicles - If you are a commercial supplier, you might be involved in transporting the products to your clients on a daily basis. The plastic milk crates offered by Milk Crates Manufacturers in Delhi, India are long-lasting and sturdy enough to handle any journeys and that too for years which means you don’t need to spend money buying new ones every year overall, saving you money, time, and fuss.

    1. OD : 471x378x159 mm
    2. Weight : 1.5 kg
    3. ID : 427x335x145 mm
    4. Capacity : 12 ltr
  • ITEM CODE: CMC-168
    • OD : 471x378x168 mm
    • Weight : 1.5 Kg
    • ID : 427x335x154 mm
    • Capacity : 12 Liters
  • ITEM CODE: CMC-175
    • OD : 471x378x175mm
    • Weight : 1.5 Kg
    • ID : 427x335x160mm
    • Capacity : 12 Liters