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Leading Fruit Crates Manufacturers in Delhi

Are you a fruit vendor, who is looking to increase the productivity and efficiency of your supply chain? If yes, then fruits crates manufacturers in Delhi, India can help you. Plastic fruit crates for storage and transportation are commonplace these days and are taking hold in the market. While cardboard or wooden crate has always been the popular choice among the fruit vendors, but unlike the plastic crate, they can be easily damaged during the storage and shipping process. 

Advantage of Storing Fruits In A Plastic Crate -

Fruit plastic crates are a great option for the vendors. They are easy to store. And, they can prevent and sort of handling damage and makes sure that the customer receives undamaged quality goods.

Here are four reasons fruit vendors should switch to plastic crates -

  • Handle weighty products - Unlike the plastic crates, the cardboard boxes can only manage the lighter end of the spectrum. Plastic containers are more durable, they can hold up against vibrations, pressure, and impacts during transportation.
  • Easy storage - Usually cardboard boxes vary in shape and size, and with them, you can easily end up with an unbalanced stacking and unexpected spills. On the other hand, plastic fruit crates, offered by - Fruits Crates Manufacturers in Delhi, India - are available in standardized sizes which allow for secure, safe stacking.      
  • Health and safety - With plastic fruit crates it is easier to clean dirt, dust, and spills. The crates can be sanitized, which has become essential during these pandemic times.
  • Environmental factors - Generally, cardboard containers can easily degrade or warp with the changing climate and temperature when stored, on the other hand, plastic crates are better when it comes to withstanding extreme temperature changes.

The fruit storage crates offered by Cromaplast, the best Fruits Crates Manufacturers in Delhi, India, are easy to handle and they keep the fruits fresh and protect them from getting smells, going dry, or simply becoming rotten.        

    • OD : 400x325x250mm
    • Weight : 0.70 Kg
    • ID : 365x290x245mm
    • Capacity : 20 Liters
    • OD : 400x325x250mm
    • Weight : 1.2 Kg
    • ID : 365x290x245mm
    • Capacity : 25 Liters
    • OD : 540x390x345 mm
    • Weight : 2.00 kg
    • ID : 500x350x330 mm
    • Capacity : 55 Ltr