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Leading Banana Crates Manufacturers in Delhi

Are you looking for Banana Crates Manufacturers in Delhi which can offer plastic crates that can match your expectations and requirements? Cromaplast plastic crates offer a perfect solution for business dealing in pineapples, apples, mangoes, or bananas. Fruit picking is a farm practice which includes getting fresh fruits directly from the field to the customers. Given the fact that all fruits are highly perishable, so choosing the right fruit package or crate is essential for the survival of farmers on the market.

Choose the Right Banana Crates Manufacturers in Delhi-

Cromaplast banana plastic crates not only have a robust design and precise dimensions but are also capable of carrying the high load. With our plastic banana crate, the fruits will remain safe and not get damaged during transportation or storage. The crate will remain safe even if the crate falls, or is subjected to rough handling. Also, every Cromaplast plastic banana crate is light in weight and comes with a strong handle. Thus, making moving crate from one place to another much easier and more convenient.

Why invest in plastic banana crates?

A strong design, extended durability, and other robust features make Cromaplast plastic banana crates a perfect choice for most warehouses, retail stores, and industries. Our engineers and professional technicians inspect every plastic banana crates on various quality parameters.  This is to make sure that every crate meets the industry standards.

Moreover, Cromaplast plastic banana crates have good ventilation, which allows fresh air to circulate within. Therefore, all the perishable fruits like bananas will remain fresh throughout the transportation and storage.

We make sure that every carte is molded from 100% high-quality material. So that there are no splintering or nails that can prick fruits especially during transportation.

Cromaplast is the only Banana Crates Manufacturers in Delhi that you can trust when quality and fast turnaround are your priority.

    • OD : 540x390x345 mm
    • Weight : 2.00 kg
    • ID : 500x350x330 mm
    • Capacity : 55 Ltr