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Leading Bakery Crates Manufacturers in Delhi

Are you having a bakery and still stuck with the metallic crates? Are your metallic crates lasting long? Are you looking for a more reliable option? Then, Cromaplast - listed among the best bakery crates manufacturers in Delhi, India - offers bakery plastic crates which will surely save you money and hassle in the long run. 

Plastic Crates In Bakery Unit -

The plastic bakery creates have now an integral part of material handling in any bakery plant. A long list of applications can be listed for plastic crates right from storage to transportation. Unlike plastic crates, metallic crates were made up of metallic strips and were prone to damages easily and require a welder often. Even the products stored in the crates were frequently damaged while storage and transportation resulting in loss and defective.

Bakery products can be easily arranged in a different configuration in both - vertical and horizontal ways. Using plastic crates can be really helpful as they can be easily stacked even when in transportation.

Advantages of Using Plastic crates in Bakery -

They are tough and are suited for long-distance transportation. They can securely carry fragile bakery products such as Bread.

The same plastic bakery crates can be used a number of times for storage and transportation without investing in new ones every year.

The bakery crates offered by top Bakery Crates Manufacturers in Delhi, India - can be used for years and are cost-effective in a sense      that damages in transit to the product and creates itself are minimal.

The plastic crates are more hygienic than the metallic crates, as they can be cleaned easily.

Could be stacked one over the other easily, saving time and space.

Get More for Your Money With Cromaplast -

When you order bakery crates, from Cromaplast, you are sure to get unbeatable value-for-money along with the unrivaled quality of crates and that too with a pocket-friendly price tag. 

    • OD : 600x400x220mm
    • Weight : 1.85 Kg
    • ID : 565x365x215mm
    • Capacity : 45 Liters
  • ITEM CODE: CSP-64325B
    • OD : 600x400x320mm
    • Weight : 2.35 Kg
    • ID : 565x365x315mm
    • Capacity : 65 Liters